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LeighDeux Loves

LeighDeux Loves the Holidays!

 As an internet-based business, we regularly track the most exciting products sold on-line and this holiday season, we’ve got some great gift suggestions for you.  Whether you are shopping for family, friends, or gasp…yourself, we are sharing some of our own personal favorites!

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Coming Home & Whoopie Pies!

For many students living on campus, Thanksgiving means going home. We asked our LeighDeuxU Campus Reps to share some of their favorite family traditions and what we received gave us a renewed enthusiasm for this storied holiday!

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Made in America

Have you checked any of your labels lately?  Chances are they don’t read “Made in China”.  Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence in American manufacturing, and at LeighDeux, we could not be more excited about that trend. With wage rates creeping up and shipping costs skyrocketing, off shore manufacturing is no longer such a good deal.

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Design Ambassadors!

LeighDeux is looking for designers, trendsetters and style savvy individuals to join a team of select Design Ambassadors. As a Design Ambassador, you will be a key part of our social media sales strategy and earn revenue simply by connecting and communicating with your core audience.

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The Freshman 15!

No, we are not talking about packing on the pounds…  but we are talking 15 fabulous prints packing a serious punch!  Available in our duvet collection and decorative throw pillows, the LeighDeux signature prints are original designs sure to give your dorm room just the right pop.

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Make Your Bed!

Growing up your mother probably told you countless times to MAKE YOUR BED!  You probably didn’t want to, but you begrudgingly did it anyway.  Now that you are going to be living on dorm you are going to WANT to make your bed, and with LeighDeux bedding you will even be excited to do so!

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The Deux's and Dont's of Dorm Decor

Don't wait too long to plan your dorm décor

Deux get organized and talk to your roommate about your design ideas

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