Don't wait too long to plan your dorm décor

Deux get organized and talk to your roommate about your design ideas


Don't assume you know what size your dorm room will be

Deux go to your school's website and download the floor plan


Don't know your roommate?

Deux connect on social media and make introductions


Don't have great decorating ideas?

Deux go to and we'll help you create a look!


Don't get bogged down in shopping dozens of stores for dorm décor

Deux go on-line and shop Leigh Deux Dorm instead!


Don't know where to begin?

Deux start with the bed, it's the base of your space


Don't know where to find XL twin bedding?

Deux check out Leigh Deux Dorm, we specialize in dorm sizes!


Don't overpack, you don't have to bring the whole house

Duex pack smart using the beautiful storage bins from Leigh Deux Dorm


Don't bring items that are forbidden by the school

Deux learn the rules and follow them


Don't cram your car like sardines

Deux shop here and ship there with direct to school shipping.


Don't be an outcast

Deux make news friends and maximize the value of social community on dorm