Have you checked any of your labels lately?  Chances are they don’t read “Made in China”.  Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence in American manufacturing, and at LeighDeux, we could not be more excited about that trend. With wage rates creeping up and shipping costs skyrocketing, off shore manufacturing is no longer such a good deal.

It’s encouraging to learn that not everything is coming out of China these days, and as it turns outs some pretty hip brands are being developed right here at home.  Suddenly American made is cool again.

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 Some of the chicest labels are manufactured right here in the USA:  J Brand and AG Jeans, Rag & Bone, and The Row in the apparel category.  Jack Rodgers , the holy grail of preppy sandals come from Palm Beach.  And the greatest invention to ever grace you backside, Spanx, was created by Sarah Blakeley of Atlanta and is also made here in the states.

Sites like hauteamericana.com and brandnewusa.com provide lists of companies proudly supporting the red, white and blue.  American made matters and as a company that wholeheartedly supports US manufacturing, we are committed to providing quality products that help sustain industry in this country.

Inspirtation for LeighDeux dorm and home

LeighDeux is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We design and manufacture all of textiles and soft goods in the Carolinas, and all the products featured in our on-line collection are America made.  One of our company goals includes reinvigorating the Carolina textile industry, which took a beating after NAFTA.  We are also committed to quality, and it is significantly harder to manage quality control a half a word away.

As we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, LeighDeux proudly salutes the workforce behind “American made”.   When you buy American, you are creating jobs and helping to build back our economy. 

You don’t have to work that hard to buy American and when you do, you help keep America working.  And who doesn’t feel good about that? 

Happy Labor Day from LeighDeux.