Growing up your mother probably told you countless times to MAKE YOUR BED!  You probably didn’t want to, but you begrudgingly did it anyway.  Now that you are going to be living on dorm you are going to WANT to make your bed, and with LeighDeux bedding you will even be excited to do so!

Here’s why:  Your bed is the base of your space.  If your bed looks messy, it compromises the entire look of your dorm room.  MESSY BED  = CHAOS.  Trust us, you don’t want chaos.

So start with the head of the bed.  The LeighDeux pillow headboard is pure genius.  OK, we are a little biased, but sorry, it just is.  This original creation allows you a finished look of a real bed, but more importantly, it’s super comfy.  Most likely your bed is up against an ugly concrete wall.  You want to lean up against a concrete wall?  We didn’t think so.  The pillow headboard comes in nine cool colors and can be monogrammed.  It works perfectly no matter how high you loft you bed.

Next, Duex the Duvet.  Choose from our Freshman 15.  Fifteen original fabrics that are sure to give your little space just the right pop of color.  Match without matching or Deux your own thing.  Many of the LeighDeux designs are meant to coordinate without being too matchy-matchy.

Pair your duvet with a crisp Sham and a few decorative pillows… the throws and bolster pillows complete our designer look without taking up valuable real estate on top of your bed.

You can Deux a bed skirt too.  Our Curtain Call bed skirt works on a tension rod and is perfect for lofted beds.  Access your under bed storage easily with this open and close bed skirt designed to hide all your clutter.