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Bundle Up....It's Winter

Bundle up... It's Winter!

Shop our Winter Combo Promotion
Bundle the Duvet, Sham & Throw Pillow

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Living in Color

Color is Smarter! Why live amongst shades of grey when you could be living a more colorful life?

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Enter to Win a $700 Dorm Room Decorating Package

From ScoopCharlotte.com -

One of our most popular posts every year around this time is this 2014 post on DORM ROOM DECORATING  we ran in partnership with the website LEIGHDEUXDORM.COM.

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College Bound

Here's a 'To-Deux' list of pieces that will help you create the perfect space!

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College Life Hacks

You probably have your "Ultimate College Packing List,” but since this may be your first rodeo, we have provided you with a couple of college hacks that’ll make life just a little bit easier.
Not everything can be taught in the lecture hall…

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Stress Free Summer - The Ultimate "You" Time

Trade in school uniforms for swimsuits, and study time for naptime. It’s summer! Finally, you get a couple months all to yourself, and we are here to help you make the most of it.

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The Tassel is Worth the Hassle!

In a few short weeks you'll be graduating and we know how hard you've worked for that diploma. Reward yourself with graduation gifts that will take you to college... Dorm decor!

For once someone did your homework for you. LeighDeux has figured out exactly what you need for your dorm room and provided you with a guide to help you prepare.

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How to Survive and Ace Your Final Exams

With the motherload of tests fast approaching, LeighDeux has teamed up with Hilliard Studio Method of Charlotte, NC, to share a few tips to get your brain and body in shape for final exams.

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Happy Valentine's Day

So, Valentine's Day is coming... no special someone? No biggie! Is it even a real holiday? Maybe it is. Maybe it is totally overrated. Girlfriend, those flowers are going to wilt and who really wants to spend two weeks on the treadmill burning off that box of Godivas. Not you!

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