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College Life Hacks

You probably have your "Ultimate College Packing List,” but since this may be your first rodeo, we have provided you with a couple of college hacks that’ll make life just a little bit easier.
Not everything can be taught in the lecture hall…

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Stress Free Summer - The Ultimate "You" Time

Trade in school uniforms for swimsuits, and study time for naptime. It’s summer! Finally, you get a couple months all to yourself, and we are here to help you make the most of it.

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The Tassel is Worth the Hassle!

In a few short weeks you'll be graduating and we know how hard you've worked for that diploma. Reward yourself with graduation gifts that will take you to college... Dorm decor!

For once someone did your homework for you. LeighDeux has figured out exactly what you need for your dorm room and provided you with a guide to help you prepare.

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Beach Bound: The Perfect Pack

What to say to your friend who always overpacks........Carry On, Carry On!

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Top Tips for Dorm Decorating

Move-In day is fast approaching. We've put together a list of dorm room staples and some overlooked essentials to get you ready and keep you going so you don't miss a beat!

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Live it up!

Congrats Graduates

Congratulations graduates!

Summer is here and we hope you are living it up!  But it flies by and back-to-school will be here before you know it.  Lots to do!  If you are not yet planning your dorm room décor… girl, you’ve got to get on it!

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Dream Picture

IRL (in real life).........

In Real Life Photo

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LeighDeux Loves

LeighDeux Loves the Holidays!

 As an internet-based business, we regularly track the most exciting products sold on-line and this holiday season, we’ve got some great gift suggestions for you.  Whether you are shopping for family, friends, or gasp…yourself, we are sharing some of our own personal favorites!

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Coming Home & Whoopie Pies!

For many students living on campus, Thanksgiving means going home. We asked our LeighDeuxU Campus Reps to share some of their favorite family traditions and what we received gave us a renewed enthusiasm for this storied holiday!

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