College Life Hacks 

You probably have your "Ultimate College Packing List,” but since this may be your first rodeo, we have provided you with a couple of college hacks that’ll make life just a little bit easier.
Not everything can be taught in the lecture hall…

Optimize The Dorm

If you are someone who hangs every item of clothing in your closet, you might want to rethink that. With a closet the size of a space capsule, you’ll be forced to fold some clothes and put them in drawers. Try this easy trick: stack them vertically! This allows you to see your shirts easily and save space.
But what about the big bulky items?  The LeighDeux sack is the perfect solution for all your sweatshirts, towels and jeans. Fill it up and it stands on it’s own!

What about all the other clutter? Hide it all with the Curtain Call.  The Curtain Call bed skirt from LeighDeux mounts on a tension rod and allows you easy access under your bed.  At 28 inches, the longer drop is great for lofted beds. 

Sharing that tiny room means fitting a sleeping, studying, and living space all into one area. If you've bunked your bed, get the LeighDeux bunk box! It will also provide a convenient charging station right by the top of your bed. 

Vanessa Duvet 
Create a finished look on your bed with our structured, yet cozy headboard pillow. An original LeighDeux design, our Headboard Pillow is soft and functional, and works no matter how high you loft. 
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 Curtain Call
Curtain call, hide it all! Girlfriend, we know how much stuff you are going to store under that bed either at home or in your dorm. Our Curtain Call bed skirt opens and closes like a curtain for easy access. Mount on a tension rod inside the frame of your bed. 
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 navy sack
LeighDeux has the answer to keeping your dirty laundry off the floor and ready to be taken home. The monogrammed Sack is the solution every college dorm needs.
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 Bunk Box
Creative college cubby at its best. Our unique and handy bunk box easily attaches to the side or end of your bunk bed. With access holes for electronics, it's perfect for cell phones and iPads.
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 The One Thing You Must Have:  The Lovleigh Pillow Headboard

Ok, so a lot of stuff is going to happen in your bed.  What? Did we just say that out loud? The simple fact is that while your bed is your ultimate sleep sanctuary, when you live on dorm, it’s also your desk, your den, even your kitchen.  Your going to want something soft to rest against as you study, read, binge watch 'Orange is the New Black' while scarfing pizza…  The LeighDeux Pouf and Study Buddy are also the perfect lap tables!

Headboard pillow

 Laptop shot

Sport a Backpack
If there’s one piece of advice we can share, it’s this:  GO TO CLASS!  If you are not a morning person, try to avoid the 8AM classes… but get there.  You will relieve yourself of a ton of stress just by showing up.  So now you are wondering…. Is it still cool to carry a backpack in college? Yep… until all your books are digital, you still need one.  Our personal pick, the Herschel

Skip the Ramen Noodles

Let's face it, this may be the first time you have to fend for yourself in terms of food. Be prepared. Take the time to look up local restaurants, what’s on campus, and what is offered in the dining halls. 

Most colleges have tons of food options within five miles of campus, and if you are a picky eater, the dining halls usually offer more than one entrée every meal.

Doing a little research ahead of time will cut back on the stress of finding something to eat in between classes. And don’t forget: find where coffee is served on campus and note the opening and closing times. You might want the extra caffeine before entering a long night of studying.

 Grad cap
Confidence is Everything
You applied for this school, and you got in. It’s where you belong and don’t ever forget that.  Every class and every test is an opportunity. There will be tough days, but confidence is what will get you through.  So seek out the joy! Keep a smile on your face and prove to everyone why you are there.