Color is Smarter! 

Why live amongst shades of grey when you could be living a more colorful life?

Researchers have found that colors affect our memory, mental agility, reaction times and physical strength. Volunteers who were shown sunny shades scored up to 25 percent higher in tests of mental agility than those who were exposed to dull, dreary shades of gray. 

So make a bold move and add a pop of color.  It might actually make you smarter!  And Happier… Don’t believe us?  Google it!

There are plenty of benefits to adding your favorite hue to your room, including the most obvious one:   It’s more fun! If you are transitioning to a dorm room, then this is the perfect time to listen to this advice.  Pattern your life with happy colors by getting a beautiful duvet and piling on pillows that lighten up the mood.

Still set on neutrals? No biggie, there is a simple way to get the best of both worlds:  Take your base color (white, tan, grey) and throw in an accent color. For example, take your black and white theme and add pops of candy pink with throw pillow, lamps, or rugs. 

Live in color with LeighDeux!

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